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Re: I resigned in 2004

Mattia Rizzolo <mattia@debian.org> writes:

> Indeed, I was very bothered.

> On the other hand, most of my reply to willy's mail was not addressed to
> him, but to debian-devel@ at large, to have everybody else understand
> how silly what he did was.  Replying to my email in d-private@ saying
> "aye aye, I really want to go away" wold have been *far* more effecting
> (even if process-wise I'd have preferred him click the damn buttons we
> sent him) and his case would most likely already been closed.

> Instead, he decided to throw such a bothersome mail in debian-devel.

The general principle that I would advocate for here, though, is that if
someone says clearly and explicitly "never contact me again," we should do
what we can to never contact them again.  (We're probably not organized
enough to guarantee we'll succeed in this, but we can make the attempt.)
Pretty much however obnoxiously they make that statement, to me that's
sort of a "magic phrase," and unless there's some legal or emergency
reason why we *absolutely* have to contact them, I'd just stop talking to
them completely and take whatever default actions we would take if we had
never been able to contact them again.

To be clear, I think his reply was unnecessarily nasty, and I greatly
appreciate the work that you're doing.  This is not intended as any sort
of dissatisfaction with your work, just a suggestion for if this comes up

Russ Allbery (rra@debian.org)               <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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