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Re: I resigned in 2004

On Mon, Nov 12, 2018 at 09:23:49AM +0100, Alexander Wirt wrote:
> On Sun, 11 Nov 2018, Adam Borowski wrote:
> > So I hope you'll grit your teeth and keep going.  You may end up as grumpy
> > as formorer -- but, notably, he still hasn't stopped his thankless unpaid
> > work.  Yes, every time you contact him about a list issue you get a reply
> > in a tone so uncheery it can sour the milk in a cow, but what's admirable
> > is that he _keeps getting shit done_.
> I am not nearly as grumpy as you think. I usually don't have much time, which
> is the reason for my answers often being as short as possible. There is also
> the language barrier of "german english" that sounds more rude than english
> spoken by a native. 
> I apologize if my answers sound more rude than they should.

Noooooo!  This wasn't aimed to be a dig at you.  Asking you to change would
be "shaking the boat", which is precisely the thing we don't want. :)

It's social people who put nice forms of speech above actual merit, and
I'm for one anything but social.  What I want is for lists to be kept in a
good shape, a job that you're doing superbly.  You have (almost certainly
unconsciously) done some social engineering -- that, by sounding grumpy,
you reduce the number of people bothering you unnecessarily.  On the other
hand, had you been nice, people would flock for random unrelated minutiae
or even chit-chat.  That'd explode your load.  Thus, the very society that
touts nicety of speech actually punishes people who do that.

So, you want your list workload to not increase.  We want you to continue
doing good work.  Ie, you being grumpy is a good thing for Debian overall.

Don't be racist.  White, amber or black, all beers should be judged based
solely on their merits.  Heck, even if occasionally a cider applies for a
beer's job, why not?
On the other hand, mass-produced lager is not a race.

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