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Re: I resigned in 2004

On Sun, Nov 11, 2018 at 07:50:55PM +0100, Vincent Bernat wrote:
> Then, they should click on the button they are asked to click. This
> takes far less time than a long (and discourteous) rant.

Yeah... you walk out without a word, and are upset if people still care
about you?  MW acted like an ass here.

> I know you have good intention in trying to improve the MIA process, but
> I think[*] this sends the wrong message to the current volunteers: you
> can act as professionally as you can, you will still get criticism from
> a few people on some minor details. Can we spare our volunteers more
> carefully than rude people?

That's expected.  The work of a mortician (MIA is basically this) is
unpleasant, and having people lash at you just for doing it is the norm
rather than an exception.

I see no way to make Mattia's work safe from being yelled at.  Anything we
say here won't get to people MIA interacts with, and if any of us gets
MIA-but-alive, we'd long since forgotten how we're supposed to behave
(as apparently customs are different at wherever MW worked at these years).
So I hope you'll grit your teeth and keep going.  You may end up as grumpy
as formorer -- but, notably, he still hasn't stopped his thankless unpaid
work.  Yes, every time you contact him about a list issue you get a reply
in a tone so uncheery it can sour the milk in a cow, but what's admirable
is that he _keeps getting shit done_.

So in the interest of Debian, we need to keep Mattia, formorer and other
folks in such roles well stocked in DebConf beer, encouraging platitudes
and so on... :)

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