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Re: I resigned in 2004

On Sun, Nov 11, 2018 at 02:56:14PM -0500, Chris Lamb wrote:
> I would be surprised if there were no topics or issues for you
> (including outside of the free software world) where reacting in a
> ungentlemanly manner is likely given some history or context.

I naturally had my own cases of "ungentlemanly behaviour", but I don't
think I would be that easy to trigger.  This may be arrogant of me, but
as a personal policy I try to always "keep my cool"—even if it did cause
me sudden lashes when I've been angered (luckily rare…).
To the point that many consider my behaviour as "too little emotional"
when it should have been, even…

> I'm also fairly confident you would agree that the fact that people
> are not emotionless and predictable robots brings some much-needed
> colour to this world, despite the tragic irony in that it can bring
> both pain and pleasure to others.

I find this quite amusing, helping me from getting bored :)
So yes, I naturally agree with this statement of yours.

> More concerning, though, might be the casual suggestion that someone
> who reacts to "some simple emails should seek professional
> psychological counselling", specifically in its implication that
> someone who feels overly agitated from the reader's point of view is
> by-definition mentally unstable and even has overtones of blaming
> the victim.

I think this is a case of different "believes".
From my view, looking for psychological counselling is not a bad thing;
I surely appreciate if somebody can deal with their short-tempered
character by themselves, but asking for help for such matters doesn't
automatically classify one a "mentally unstable".
In this particular case, I think MW has too much grief coming from
whatever he experienced fourteen years ago (he admitted it!), and in my
humble opinion he should seek help in dealing with that resentment.

I also don't understand what you said about "blaming the victim": I
don't quite recognize a "victim" here, nor a particular conflict or
situation that could define a "victim".

> I am certain that the abrupt response you received also engendered
> strong feelings in yourself so what was written in the heat of the
> moment was partially understandable, but I'm sure that you might wish
> to consider modifying or even retracting some of the statements or
> connotations that were made in the above light.

I don't think any "strong feelings" in myself were stirred.
Perhaps my wording about the above "psychological counselling" could be
seen as a insulting by someone depending on their culture and personal
believes, but I don't see it as such myself.  I hope my explanation
above clears what could be a misunderstanding.

> I hope that this episode has not deterred you from your indefatigable
> work in the MIA team

Thanks for your work as the DPL, as I think you also find yourself
overseeing similar situations way more often than you probably would

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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