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Re: I resigned in 2004

Dear Mattia,

> My reply indeed had quite a grumpy tone, and I realized only after
> sending it, of course.  I need to get into the habit of asking somebody
> else to review my emails when they treat such matters.

Thank you for not only pausing for this self-reflection but for
subsequently sharing it so candidly on-list.

However, I must take slight issue with some of the ways you expressed
yourself in your follow-up.

On the one hand, people should indeed "just click those damn buttons"
and it's unfortunate that Willy chose to use the language he did, but
I would be surprised if there were no topics or issues for you
(including outside of the free software world) where reacting in a
ungentlemanly manner is likely given some history or context.

I'm also fairly confident you would agree that the fact that people
are not emotionless and predictable robots brings some much-needed
colour to this world, despite the tragic irony in that it can bring
both pain and pleasure to others.

Without wish to delve too much into the specifics, dismissing and
characterising a Developer's regrettable departure from the Project
as a childish "rage quit" appears to lack suitable empathy and
understanding for a fellow human being, yet alone a former colleague.

More concerning, though, might be the casual suggestion that someone
who reacts to "some simple emails should seek professional
psychological counselling", specifically in its implication that
someone who feels overly agitated from the reader's point of view is
by-definition mentally unstable and even has overtones of blaming
the victim.

I am certain that the abrupt response you received also engendered
strong feelings in yourself so what was written in the heat of the
moment was partially understandable, but I'm sure that you might wish
to consider modifying or even retracting some of the statements or
connotations that were made in the above light.

I hope that this episode has not deterred you from your indefatigable
work in the MIA team and that you, like me, have only the very best
wishes for your former confederate in his current endeavours.


     : :'  :     Chris Lamb
     `. `'`      lamby@debian.org / chris-lamb.co.uk

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