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Re: salsa.debian.org: merge requests and such

On Fri, Nov 09, 2018 at 05:41:53PM +0000, Matthew Vernon wrote:
> The particular commit was fine (and had it come as a MR or bug report or
> whatever I'd have had no problem with it at all).
I'm not sure why you are so bothered by it.

Granted, when I first experienced a git push not working after I
uploaded some package, I was also puzzled and a bit annoyed that someone
pushed into the master branch of 'my' package, but upon reflection I

- this is great. someone contributed to make *many* Debian packages
- git wise, I think, I reverted these commits, pushed my changes and
  merged the reverted commits again. No big deal, except a bit of messy
  history. There are several strategies to deal with, I choose the
  quickest path.
- I also learned to first do 'git fetch' before uploading. Maybe someone
  put another present into git?

So, yes, at first I was surprised too, now I'm gladly looking forward to
more of these contributions.

That said, there is one exception, src:piuparts, where I'll dislike
drive-by commits to master. Why is explained in the CONTRIBUTING document
in the source code. Here I will most likely again just revert the
commits in the master branch, merge them in the develop branch and tell
the commiter.

And surely, if you don't like other people contributing to 'your' stuff
directly, you are absolutly free to not have your packages in the debian
namespace. I do however think that having packages there by default is a
very good idea.


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