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Re: salsa.debian.org: merge requests and such


út 6. 11. 2018 v 16:46 odesílatel Felipe Sateler <fsateler@debian.org> napsal:
> That seems completely reasonable.  Making the repository accessible to
> others is a courtesy that should not be abused.  Pushing directly to the
> master branch of a package for which one is not an active maintainer or
> contributor is at a minimum impolite.

I disagree when it comes to the debian namespace, and the documentation
agrees with me[1].

+1. If someone wants private repo, he/she can use private/user namespace for it. We created "debian" (original collab-maint) group with RW permissions for DD with intention. So we have place where any DD can commit and collaborate together on one project.
... I don't think it is
reasonable to ask for coordination for this type of changes, and I would
agree that even notifying is too much effort if this was done salsa-wide.

any owner of repository can enable email notifications for changes inside own repo. But sending emails "hey i commited something, please git pull" is just crazy. Maybe we should don't use git at all just use email for sending patches, right? :)

BTW, thanks Ondřej Nový for those "editorial" fixes!

yw :)

Best regards
 Ondřej Nový
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