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Re: Debian part of a version number when epoch is bumped

On Wed, 2018-02-07 at 13:51 +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:
> I suggest something like this wording to replace the following
> paragraphs about the epoch:
>    Epochs exist to cope with changes to the upstream version numbering
>    scheme, and some other difficult cases.  The epoch is a powerful
>    tool, but increasing the epoch it has downsides and should be
>    avoided when possible.
>    If you think you need to increase the epoch for a package, please
>    consult debian-devel first.

Is it also the case that today we implicitly require that all versions
used in a source package name's history are unique even once the epochs
are stripped off (e.g. a given $upstream-$debianrev must be unique and
not differ only in the epoch)? If so then should policy say that
explicitly and/or should lintian check/warn if it isn't?


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