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Debian part of a version number when epoch is bumped


moon-buggy recently had its epoch bumped. The old version is
1.0.51-11, the new version is 1:1.0.51-1. I opened
https://bugs.debian.org/887740 to request that the version number be
bumped to 1:1.0.51-12.

The problem with the 1:1.0.51-1 version number is that the Debian
source filenames like the .dsc do not include the epoch in the
filename. This means that is impossible to include the completely
history of files in the same directory (because there would be files
with the same file name but different file contents). This also means
that it is impossible to auto-sync the package to Ubuntu.

The maintainer thinks the 1:1.0.51-12 version number would be "ugly"
and the version number issue is only an Ubuntu-specific problem (given
that the original 1.0.51-1 was superseded in 2006). I could not find
anywhere in Debian Policy that directly addressed this issue.
Therefore, I'm bring up this issue here to get input from other

Jeremy Bicha

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