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On 14602 March 1977, Vincent Danjean wrote:
>> That would be the next step, DMARC, which is SPF plus DKIM plus some
>> extra DNS records. And DMARC then allow to tell other mail servers (that
>> follow DMARC) to get rid (spamfilter) mail that aren't from what your
>> DNS says it should be from (or aren't signed correctly/at all). But its
>> even more maintenance and burden for a group like Debian.
> Is it even possible?


> I was under the impression that DMARC plays very bad with mailing
> lists. If I recall correctly, mailman has to modify mails that come
> from a DMARC domain.

The debian lists work. Alioth currently wouldn't, I think, but software
could be upgraded.

It has a different problem which is way worse: It breaks usual alias
type forwarders, which are used *a lot* within Debian.

bye, Joerg

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