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Re: Feedback on 3.0 source format problems

On Mon, Jan 09, 2017 at 01:25:44PM +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Sean Whitton writes ("Re: Feedback on 3.0 source format problems"):
> >  My first worry is that pseudomerges are weird.  In fact, I've never
> > seen them outside of weird Debian git workflows :) Someone might
> > look at the interchange view, see all these pseudomerges, and have
> > no idea how to interpret what the Debian maintainer is doing.  Do
> > you have any thoughts on mitigating the potential confusion?
> I think it might be useful to have an option to git-rev-list to
> disregard non-contributing edges of pseudomerges.  That would mean you
> could see the results in `gitk'.

That would be really cool.

> > The advantage of thinking of the Debian packaging as just another
> > branch of development is that the branching structure itself is easy
> > to interpret for anyone who uses git.  "Ah, I see they merged my
> > release tag into their branch, they must have been bringing Debian
> > up-to-date with the latest release" -- this is very natural for git
> > users.  We call it "packaging a new upstream release" but it's
> > easier for an outsider to think of it as bringing a feature branch
> > up-to-date with the latest mainline developments.
> I can see why you might think this.  But this really does depend on
> how big the delta is from upstream.


Sean Whitton

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