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Re: Feedback on 3.0 source format problems

Sean Whitton writes ("Re: Feedback on 3.0 source format problems"):
> Could you explain in general terms the difference between the
> interchange and packaging-only branches

See modified diagram below.  Are the annotations I have added (and the
name change) any help ?

>  Does the packaging-only branch contain debian/ alone?

No, it also contains a complete unmodified copy of the upstream code.
(Except that if upstream had a debian/ directory, it is completely
replaced.)  Perhaps this is the wrong name.  Let's try

For `3.0 (quilt)' the merging-baseline branch contains roughly what
you would get if you untarred the origs and the debian.tar.gz, and
then deleted all the patches without applying them.

Not shown on the diagram is the commit `add patch queue to
debian/patches', which would be needed for `3.0 (quilt)'.  This is
because the diagram is in terms of a sane source format, not `3.0
(quilt)'.  For use with quilty sources, there would be such a commit
(probably dgit-generated) on top of the actual upstream change

           ------/--A!----/--B3!--%--/--> interchange view
                /        /          /      with debian/ directory
               %        %          %       all upstream changes applied
              /        /          /        3.0 (quilt) has debian/patches
             /        2*         2*
            /        /          /
           2*       2          2
          /        /          /
         1        1          1    `merging-baseline' branch
        /        /          /     unmodified upstream code
    ---p-----p--A----p--B--C-->   plus debian/ (but no debian/patches)
      /     /       /
   --#-----#-------#-----> upstream


      1,2,3   commits touching upstream files only
      A,B,C   commits touching debian/ only
      B3      mixed commit (eg made by an NMUer)
      #       upstream releases

     -p-      special merge, takes contents of debian/ from the
     /         previous `merging-baseline' commit and rest from upstream

     -/-      pseudomerge; contents are identical to
     /         parent lower on diagram.

      %       dgit-generated commit of debian/patches.
              `3.0 (quilt)' only; dropped by rebase tool.

      *       Maintainer's HEAD was here while they were editing,
              before they said they were done, at which point their
              tools generated [% and] -/- commit[s] to convert to
              the fast-forwarding interchange branch.  (Maybe the
              tooling is simply `dgit push'.)

      !       NMUer's HEAD was here when they said `dgit push'.
              Rebase branch launderer turns each ! into an
              equivalent *.


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