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Re: Worthless descriptions for almost all of the recent node-* ITPs

On ശനി 07 ജനുവരി 2017 09:30 വൈകു, Philip Hands wrote:
> I've responded to a few of these ITPs and have found the responses I've
> received suggest that you've chosen your recruits well, so it strikes me
> as a shame that they are underselling themselves by submitting ITPs in
> this state.

I did not recruit anyone. The students signed up for the workshop and it
was their vacation time. They spent 6 days of their vacation on this
workshop itself shows their commitment. Also the college itself has a
good tradition of Free Software culture. They hosted a mini debconf in
2010 and we did a second mini debconf there last year (in between they
hosted many Free Software events including FUDCON Asia and they are
hosting PyCon India next month).

> It would probably help if they also wrote a line or two after the
> descriptions about why they are packaging the package and/or any
> concerns they might have about the wording or packaging.  Doing that is
> much more likely to attract useful suggestions than sending bare ITPs
> with only (often rather dubious) short descriptions.
> I'm tempted to respond to each of these people's first ITP with some
> suggestions, but you are much better placed to pass on advice to them,
> so I think it would be better if you did it.

I will pass on this to them.

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