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Re: Worthless descriptions for almost all of the recent node-* ITPs (was: Re: Worthless node-* package descriptions in ITPs)

Hi Praveen,

I assume that all these ITPs are prompted by your crowd-funding effort.

Today we have #850399 which plumbs new depths in that it has had both
long and short descriptions trimmed from the body of the message.

Please would you take responsibility for your packaging team by
instructing them that it is simply unacceptable to have these packages
with such useless descriptions.

The fact that they all seem to be trimming off the FIX_ME that npm2deb
includes for them, and are thus also removing the explanation of what
Node.js is, seems like vandalism to me.  Did you tell them to do that,
or are they learning that from one another?

TBH I find this whole approach rather worrying.

  Are you paying these people for their efforts?

  Are we supposed to expect them to remain interested in these packages
  when the money dries up?

  If not, what is the plan for providing maintenance for these packages
  for the time that they are going to be in stable?

Cheers, Phil.

P.S. While you're at it, I would suggest that you encourage your
packaging team to contact the upstreams in order to discover whether
they are happy for their current release to be preserved in Debian
stable -- I can imagine that some of them might be unhappy with the
prospect of having the latest release packaged, if there are bug fixes
in the HEAD that they don't want bug reports about for the next 5 years.
They could then push out a release quickly and you could package that
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