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Worthless node-* package descriptions in ITPs

Hi Roshan,

Please don't take this personally, you just happen to be the one
touching the most recent remarkably meaninglessly described ITP for a
node-* package -- I could easily have picked on one of the many other

I've Bcc:ed the bug to ensure that replies about this stay on -devel.

Roshan <dn.roshan2@gmail.com> writes:

> * Package name    : node-pinkie
> * URL             : https://github.com/floatdrop/pinkie
>   Description     : Itty bitty little widdle twinkie pinkie ES2015 Promise implementation

Can we stop the worthless descriptions in node-* ITPs please?

What meaning is contained in the descriptions, is generally
JavaScript/Node specific jargon that is pretty much meaningless to
anyone else.  This is because it is being lifted directly from the git
repository description, where it is reasonable for the upstream to
expect people to already know something about node, so that's the
audience that is being addressed.  That is not a reasonable assumption
when applied to Debian users in general.

To All Node.js packagers:

  Please proof-read and correct the short descriptions before filing

  Also please fix the script that is generating these ITPs to add a long
  description that at the very least mentions that this is something to
  do with node.js, and what that means (such that people that are not
  interested in node.js can quickly determine that fact and move on).

At present you are forcing that vast majority of our users, that have no
interest in this software, to individually learn that they need to look
out for the node- prefix, and ignore such packages.

You are also giving the impression that all these packages are sloppily
packaged, which makes one wonder if they are going to have any ongoing
maintenance effort available for them (since it seems that too little
effort was devoted to the initial packaging), which in turn makes one
concerned about whether they are going to be fit for a stable release.

Cheers, Phil.

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