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Re: nodejs 6.9 in unstable, manual transition, schedule

Jérémy Lal <kapouer@melix.org> writes:

> 2017-01-04 10:04 GMT+01:00 Andrey Rahmatullin <wrar@debian.org>:
>> On Wed, Jan 04, 2017 at 09:54:34AM +0100, Jérémy Lal wrote:
>>> i really think it would be best to have nodejs 6.9 in next debian release.
>>> That version is currently in experimental and i was about to upload it
>>> to unstable, but i tried to do things right and prepared the addons
>>> that need to be rebuilt and binNMUed, then opened a transition bug
>>> #849505.
>>> No answer yet, people are busy, and the number of concerned packages
>>> is low (a dozen or so), should i just rebuild and upload them myself ?
>> The transition freeze was on Nov 5.
> This is not very smart - i'm talking about something that will make future
> maintenance and security patches easier, something that is easy to do
> and that i can even do alone.

Your "This is not very smart" comment made me react fairly negatively at
first reading.  It's easy to assume bad things about the old version's
stability reading that, although that's presumably not what you were

Having looked into it a little, I found this:


which shows that the current packaged v4 packages will drop out of LTS
in April, and out of maintenance a year later according to this:


Version 6, which Jérémy is suggesting should be our stable release
version, has been in LTS mode since October, and will be in LTS mode
until Apr 2018, then maintenance (presumably until Apr 2019).

I suspect that in a couple of years time, that Node.js programmers will
not be that much more impressed with v6 than they will be with v4, since
both will be astonishingly ancient, but at least v6 buys us an extra
year of usefulness.

I suspect that it might be better for all concerned if we simply
encouraged people to use this via backports from the start, to avoid the
problem of fast-moving projects getting preserved in amber by Debian.

Cheers, Phil.
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