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Re: "not authorised" doing various desktoppy things [and 1 more messages]

Adam Borowski writes ("Re: "not authorised" doing various desktoppy things [and 1 more messages]"):
> In my experience, systemd-shim never worked in the first place, so this is
> no regression.  I see results that Ian observes since the day policykit and
> friends were recompiled against logind rather than consolekit.  It's
> somewhat puzzling that it's reported to have worked for _some_ people in the
> past.

It worked for me earlier in the year.  I don't know what set of
versions that was, but I installed one of the stretch alphas and it
worked until quite recently.  And the submitters of #844785 seem to
see something similar.

> Neither systemd-shim nor consolekit are solutions that are viable in the
> long term, the sooner we get rid of both, the better.  I don't know what's
> a good alternative, though.  Loginkit is vapourware.  Elogind maybe?

Surely this is something to think about for buster.  (Having said
that, I haven't heard of most of these things and I generally don't
have a clue what I'm doing in this area.)


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