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Re: Interface of `shutdown', 'halt', ... programs

Dmitry Bogatov writes ("Re: Interface of `shutdown', 'halt', ... programs"):
> [2016-10-06 12:23] Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk>
> > Do you have the ability to install on a second system, or maybe dual
> > boot, or something ?  I would suggest doing a default install but with
> > runit (not sure how one would even do that) and just letting it
> > install gnome.
> Here is the trick: one can't simply install runit as pid1 as long as
> it is not Pre-depends of `init`

Ah.  And it is too hard for you to conveniently make that change
locally.  (This is one of the ways that Debian fails to actually
provide practical free to its users: it's far too hard to run a
produce, install, run, and keep updated, a modified version of

> > Failing that: I use `trayer' on my laptop as a thing to allow the
> > handful of desktoppy pointyclicky icony things I like, to have their
> > icon.  Eg the network manager applet.
> `trayer'. For some reason, it showed nothing to me, so I installed
> it's ancestor `fbpanel', which provides 'shutdown' and 'reboot'
> buttons, which invokes corresponding scripts. Seems that 'reboot' and
> 'shutdown' which are /sbin/init 6 and /sbin/init 0, and ignore command
> line will suffice.

trayer is just a container thing.  These desktoppy clicky icon things
want a container.  So you need to run *-applet or whatever too.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear you're unblocked.

Best wishes,

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