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Re: Interface of `shutdown', 'halt', ... programs

> > #838480
> > [...]
> > Any suggestions?
> Is it possible to use a pointyclicky desktoppy widgety thing to reboot
> a system with runit ?  I guess from your mails you use the command
> line.
> [...]
> I think if I were you I would try installing a system with runit and
> GNOME, make enough of an emulation that the GNOME shutdown and reboot
> functions work, and call that "done".

Thank you for your advice, Ian. You guessed correctly -- 'sudo init 0' is
good enough for me and I have little knowledge about "pointy-clicky"
things.  While I can install GNOME on virtual machine (sigh) there are
also other desktop enviroments (KDE, XFCE, ...).

Is there some common way to get "pointy-clicky widget"? I assume
(correct me, if I am wrong) all desktop enviroments share some
mechanism how to invoke root-only command (shutdown) as regular user,
so there may be way to invoke just shutdown menu, without need other
parts of desktop enviroments.

More suggestions are welcome.

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