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Interface of `shutdown', 'halt', ... programs


Recently I asked for inclusion of 'runit-init' into init metapackage
Pre-Depends: (#838480). Response, in particular mentioned, that
since 'runit-init' does not provide  'halt', 'reboot' and other
scripts, it would break things.

Unfortunately, I did not received reply about following questions:

 - what exactly would break and what should I test? It is not clear for me,
   since I am fine without these scripts, running runit-init_2.1.2-8.

 - what exactly interface is expected from these scripts? For example,
   shutdown program is rather complex, involving timespecs, access control
   and tons of command line options, and, if I need to reimplement it (sigh),
   I would prefer to do as little, as possible.

It was quite misleadingly mentioned on #838480 about sysvinit-like
system.  Runit is not, and while it support /etc/init.d/ scripts as
good, as sysvinit, they are still fallback method of managing

Any suggestions?

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