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Re: support for merged /usr in Debian

Marc Haber:
> Debian has already been forked by people who found Debian's release
> cycles too long. The result is called Ubuntu, and we lost many of the
> users (and developers!) who want shorter release cycles to them.
> Now, we aim for shorter release cycles ourselves, which won't bring
> any of the users back we lost to Ubuntu. But it'll make us now lose
> the users that think we release too often to the Enterprise Linuxes.


We have generally released every 2nd year for the past 3-4 releases, if
not more.  The release cycle will /probably/ also be around two years.

What a lot of people have desired is a shorter *freeze* - as in spending
less time frozen and more time developing.  Given the latter half of our
freeze tends to involve mostly frustration, fragmentation of developers
and very few bug fixes, I am personally one of the people, who would
like to see Debian have shorter freezes[1].


[1] Notably by having fewer bugs that need to be fixed /when/ we freeze.

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