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Re: DAK Commands for Bikesheds

Someone wrote (I can't work out who in the nested quotes):

> There is a strong British tradition, exported to a range of other 
> countries, of engineers toiling away in garden sheds, inventing
> stuff - be it cars, engines, radios, metalwork, carpentry ...
> anything someone can produce which requires only heating, lighting,
> power and time. It's quite natural that toiling away in your own
> little packaging world for Debian would happen in a software shed -
> and in software, there's only really one kind of shed, the
> bikeshed.

While the 'Gentleman's Shed' concept might be a British Tradition that
is *not* the meaning of 'bikeshedding'!

'Bikeshedding' is the situation where a group of people (politely)
argue about some pointless feature of a project while totally ignoring
the actual original question/problem.

A typical example would be the question of the best way to store bikes
in a shed and then having people spend all of their time talking about
what colour the shed should be painted!

As a result, the term 'bikeshedding' has become a term for meaningless
derogatory discussion.

We certainly (imho) don't want anything in Debian given that description


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