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Re: Suggestion for the installer, when non-free firmwares are needed

On 27/01/15 19:19, Johannes Schauer wrote:
> Hi,
> Quoting Riley Baird (2015-01-27 04:01:20)
>> That's a good idea. That being said, tarballs containing *all* of
>> the firmware are already (unofficially) produced on a regular
>> basis[1].
>> Perhaps an easier way of solving this problem would be to have
>> the installer tell the user where these tarballs/zip files are,
>> and that they need to extract them onto a USB stick if they want
>> to use them during the installation?
> maybe it would also not hurt to, in addition to that, also make
> this note on the main download page for the CD images? (probably
> also noting that these files are unofficial and not part of Debian
> but provided as a courtesy towards owners of hardware that
> unfortunately requires non-free drivers/firmware)

Unofficial CD images with the firmware included are also made. You
don't even need a USB stick.


> That downloading these tarballs/zip files and putting them on a USB
> stick would allow the Debian installer to find them was also news
> to me and until now I always manually grabbed the specific needed
> .deb from a mirror.

Personally, I prefer this method. You can update the firmware more
easily and it makes it easier to know which non-free packages are on
your system. But it's important that people at least know about the
other method.

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