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Re: Suggestion for the installer, when non-free firmwares are needed

> I just installed Debian 8 (testing) on a PC of mine with the
> graphical installer and the setup ran really smooth - with one
> exception: It was a big hassle to find and download the unfree
> firmware for my Wifi adapter, which I needed for the installation.

Generally, you shouldn't need a network connection for installation if
you downloaded the full CD.

> Here’s a suggestion: Let the installer display a code, which the
> user can enter on debian.org - it then automatically shows you the
> needed files and let you download them instead of mentioning
> cryptic file names like rtl8168e-3.fw and so on.

That's a good idea. That being said, tarballs containing *all* of the
firmware are already (unofficially) produced on a regular basis[1].

Perhaps an easier way of solving this problem would be to have the
installer tell the user where these tarballs/zip files are, and that
they need to extract them onto a USB stick if they want to use them
during the installation?

[1] http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/unofficial/non-free/firmware/

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