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Re: Suggestion for the installer, when non-free firmwares are needed


Quoting Riley Baird (2015-01-27 04:01:20)
> That's a good idea. That being said, tarballs containing *all* of the
> firmware are already (unofficially) produced on a regular basis[1].
> Perhaps an easier way of solving this problem would be to have the
> installer tell the user where these tarballs/zip files are, and that
> they need to extract them onto a USB stick if they want to use them
> during the installation?

maybe it would also not hurt to, in addition to that, also make this note on
the main download page for the CD images? (probably also noting that these
files are unofficial and not part of Debian but provided as a courtesy towards
owners of hardware that unfortunately requires non-free drivers/firmware)

That downloading these tarballs/zip files and putting them on a USB stick would
allow the Debian installer to find them was also news to me and until now I
always manually grabbed the specific needed .deb from a mirror.

On the other hand, the Debian Installation Guide section 6.4.1. already
contains this information. So me and others could just have read that

Thanks for mentioning this!

cheers, josch

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