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Re: Suggestion for the installer, when non-free firmwares are needed

On 01/27/2015 03:26 AM, Stephan Dörner wrote:
> Dear Debian developers,
> I just installed Debian 8 (testing) on a PC of mine with the graphical installer and the setup ran really smooth - with one exception: It was a big hassle to find and download the unfree firmware for my Wifi adapter, which I needed for the installation.
> Here’s a suggestion: Let the installer display a code, which the user can enter on debian.org - it then automatically shows you the needed files and let you download them instead of mentioning cryptic file names like rtl8168e-3.fw and so on.

Here's a suggestion: don't buy any realtek hardware anymore. These cards
perform badly, and as you could see, require non-free hardware. You're
also voting with the things you buy...

Also, another suggestion: write to realtek to complain about it.


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