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Re: systemd now appears to be only possible init system in testing

On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 10:46:45PM +0200, Michael Biebl wrote:
> Am 25.07.2014 20:44, schrieb Steve Langasek:
> > Correct.  But it's well-established that, when you upgrade your system,
> > things may be broken in a currently logged-in desktop session until you
> > log out and log back in.

> The release notes actually mention that the system should *not* be
> upgraded from within an X session

That is a bug in the release notes, dating back to the days when X itself
was unreliable enough that you couldn't be confident that it wouldn't bomb
out leaving dpkg in an unclean state.

Nowadays it is reliable, and a desktop user should never need to see a Linux
console, including during upgrades.

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