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Re: systemd now appears to be only possible init system in testing

Hi Serge!

Am 25.07.2014 23:35, schrieb Serge Hallyn:
> Quoting Michael Biebl (biebl@debian.org):
>> Am 25.07.2014 19:23, schrieb Steve Langasek:
>>> systemd-shim 6-4 has now been uploaded to unstable with a dependency on
>>> cgmanager, implementing the new post-v205 interfaces. 
>> I just installed systemd-shim 6-4 and cgmanager 0.28-1.
>> Unfortunately the cgmanager package seems to be not quite ready yet.
>> The init script fails with
>> # service cgmanager start
>> [....] Starting cgroup management daemon: cgmanagercgmanager: Failed
>> mounting memory onto /run/cgmanager/fs/memory: No such file or directory
>> cgmanager: Failed mounting cgroups
>> cgmanager: Failed to set up cgroup mounts
>> . ok
> That was an upstream bug, should be fixed in 0.28-2.  The default of
> having memory show up in /proc/cgroups but not be mountable was being
> mishandled.

Ah perfect. Seems this just hasn't hit the archive yet when I installed

Steve, could you please bump the depends on cgmanager in systemd-shim
accordingly to ensure a working cgmanager is installed?

> There was also mention of having a systemd unit linked to /dev/null to
> not run cgmanager in systemd.  I assume that's what systemd itself would
> actually prefer and I'm fine with it, but for the sake of supporting
> nested containers it would be nicer if we could have it actually run
> (for now).

If cgmanager and systemd don't step on each others toes and there is
value running cgmanager besides systemd, it might make sense to also run
it under systemd.

My only concern would be, that most users probably don't need nested
containers and if cgmanager is pulled in as a depends on systemd-shim,
they'd have a useless daemon running.

What about shipping a native .service file for cgmanager, but not enable
it by default, i.e. the admin would have to run
systemctl enable cgmanager.service
if want's to run cgmanager under systemd.

That means, under sysvinit the service would be running by default and
under systemd it would have to be enabled explicitly.

Would that work for you?

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