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Re: systemd now appears to be only possible init system in testing

Hi Norbert,

Please remember these arguments you have been making next time you make what 
you believe are perfectly justified changes to the texlive packaging by 
(once again) introducing new and incompatible versions of sty files or 
moving files between packages.

I'm sure the texlive maintainers feel perfectly justified in breaking 
existing setups and causing packages to FTBFS by doing this. I'm sure you 
can explain to me that it's all much better for the changes, even though it 
looks like it only makes work for me. I understand that to a large extent 
your hands are tied because you need to track upstream releases and you 
can't hold a style file at an ancient version forever just to make sure that 
nothing gets broken.

Because I trust the texlive maintainers to be fundamentally doing the right 
things for Debian, I don't reassign all the bugs you cause to the texlive 
packages because they were the ones that broke their reverse-dependencies. 
Rather, I spend the time to adapt to the new way. Similarly, I don't rant on 
mailing lists about how the world is going to end because of this breakage. 
I don't make insinuations about the competence of the texlive maintainers 
when I don't understand why they have done something. I don't belittle your 
work. I don't run around complaining that your approach to texlive is a 
giant conspiracy.

The same is true for a package like systemd-shim which would permit you to 
use the packages you talked about without running systemd. systemd-shim has 
to adapt to the changing landscape around it and it is the responsibility of 
its authors (NOT the systemd maintainers) to have it ready and functioning. 
What's more, I believe that work is well advanced and you'll find more 
information about that in this thread.

A little empathy for fellow developers, a little time looking in the mirror 
and some effort to see things from other perspectives would go a long way 
and be greatly appreciated.


Stuart Prescott    http://www.nanonanonano.net/   stuart@nanonanonano.net
Debian Developer   http://www.debian.org/         stuart@debian.org
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