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Re: systemd now appears to be only possible init system in testing

> I'm sure the texlive maintainers feel perfectly justified in breaking 
> existing setups and causing packages to FTBFS by doing this.

I don't think the comparison between texlive and systemd is quite fair.
Texlive updates don't break users' systems, they just make some packages
temporarily un-upgradeable.  And even if they did break, they wouldn't
break the systems of troff users.

To some of us, this transition is starting to feel like a rather unsubtle
attempt to force systemd down everyone's throat, whether we want it or
not.  I still believe that this is just bad coordination and bad communi-
cation on the part of the systemd packagers, and sincerely hope that this
is not a coordinated attack on non-systemd installations.

-- Juliusz

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