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Re: let missing-debian-source-format lintian tag be a warning!


On Wed, 16 Jul 2014, Guillem Jover wrote:
> The only reason for that warning right now is to pester people into
> either switching, which they should be doing out of their own
> volition anyway because people think the new formats are really
> superior and help them. Or so that people set it explicitly to 1.0
> just to shut up the warning, and then we have some kind of stats of
> how many people have been pestered… Which I think is the wrong way
> about trying to get people to switch.

You see it only from a negative side, sure there are a few people who
consider this message as "pestering them" but it really filled the role
of the missing lintian warning for all people who create source packages
from scratch and/or who take over old packages and use the lintian output
as their todo list.

Certainly that without this message the adoption rate of the new formats
would not have been so good as it has been (which despite some of the
critics, is probably one the best adoption rate for such wide scale opt-in
changes in the Debian history).

So to sum it up, I'm OK for dropping that message but only if lintian gets
the corresponding tag raised to a warning level and IMO it still makes
sense in the long term for dpkg-source to abort if debian/source/format is
missing, precisely because the historical default no longer matches
Debian's desired default.

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