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Re: let missing-debian-source-format lintian tag be a warning!


On Tue, 2014-07-15 at 10:11:00 +0200, Peter Palfrader wrote:
> On Tue, 15 Jul 2014, Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
> > A proper lintian warning can enlighten the maintainer and push him
> > toward the change or somehow qualify the NMUer to add that file (if
> > there are no other big changes)
> There's no reason to have a debian/source/format in a classic debian
> package.  The default is well defined.  I strongly oppose the idea of
> having lintian complain about that even more.

In addition, currently dpkg-source emits a warning when there's no
debian/source/format file present, and that's something that has been
bothering me for a while and something I think I'll be changing (i.e.
shutting up the warning).

Such warning might have made sense iff:

  - the new formats had been uncontroversial,
  - source 1.0 packages could be automatically switched safely,
  - and we'd have decided that format 1.0 is deprecated,

in which case we should just have switched the default, but none of
the above has been the case.

The only reason for that warning right now is to pester people into
either switching, which they should be doing out of their own
volition anyway because people think the new formats are really
superior and help them. Or so that people set it explicitly to 1.0
just to shut up the warning, and then we have some kind of stats of
how many people have been pestered… Which I think is the wrong way
about trying to get people to switch.


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