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Re: let missing-debian-source-format lintian tag be a warning!


On Tue, 15 Jul 2014, Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
> >> https://wiki.debian.org/Projects/DebSrc3.0
> >
> > Well, this is a one-sided view of the question from the creator of the 3.0
> > format, listing no disadvantages whatsoever.
> Good. It's a wiki page, let's edit it. There is a
> Advantages_of_new_formats section, you can add a
> Disadvantages_of_new_formats or Advantages_of_old_format. Or list them
> here. I'm really curios. As you can see I'm not an old or active or
> deeply knowledged debian developer/maintainer, so I can miss
> something.

With all the enhancements made since its inception, I'm only aware of use
sensible use case that's not really possible with the new source format:
mixing quilt managed patches with non-managed changes typically created by
git cherry-pick. This is something that the X Strike Force does routinely
and that I never found the time to implement in the new source format.

Otherwise everybody mostly acknowledge that 3.0 (quilt) can provide the
same service as 1.0 with the --single-debian-patch option so I don't see
any reason to not increase the lintian tag to warning. The X team can put
1.0 in that file and keep using this format until we have a proper
solution for their use case and everybody else can have the required
reminder that they ought to use one of the newer formats by default.

If needed the tag description can be improved to mention the new option
for people who want to keep the old behaviour.

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