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Re: How to avoid stealth installation of systemd?

Quoting Charles Plessy (2014-07-03 03:14:21)
> may I suggest the Blends framework to those who want metapackages that 
> influence what is installed by default on their system ?
> Currently, one of the main limits of the Blends framework is that it 
> works mostly by installing metapackages after a default installation.  
> But I would love to see an optional Blends menu in Debian Installer, 
> maybe coupled with possibilities to preseed alternative defaults.
> Such a development would open the way to consistent systemd-less 
> Debian systems for those who like it, and the benefit for Debian as a 
> whole would be a more powerful Blends framework.
> Doesn't it look like a nice ending to the story ?

How would the use of blends change the fact that pinning is still needed 
to ensure keeping certain packages off?

Yes, it would be lovely to have meta-packages from blends integrated 
into the tasks selection of debian-installer (both those generated with 
the blends-dev framework and those developed in other ways) - I welcome 
anyone to collaborate with the install team to make that happen - but 
such meta-packages are also not essential or required.  Please read 
Mattias' explanation which you directly replied to.

Debian-installer, when presented with conflicting package selections, 
will simply let APT resolve a best solution - which when involving 
systemd will likely cause that package to win due to its widespread 
reverse dependencies.

 - Jonas

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