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Re: How to avoid stealth installation of systemd?

On 13624 March 1977, Svante Signell wrote:
>> > Please rename the systemd-must-die package to something neutral. Thank
>> > you.
>> A package with this name wont ever appear in the archive, and I just
>> rejected it.
> What about systemd-nogo or nogo-systemd, alternately just no-systemd?

*I* fail to see the good that such a package will bring the archive and
Debian. Not just for systemd but in general. It makes so much NOT sense
to install a package to not install packages from the same archive.
And IMO this is what a local admin should do with equivs, should they
decide they don't want a certain set of packages to come in at whatever
point later.

And should we open the archive for a series of "i hate $tool, i never
want it" packages, where do we stop? In theory we could end up with a
load of them.

no-gnome, no-kde, no-pulseaudio, no-whateverthehellsomeonedislikesnow

We currently have some 25k binaries on amd64, plus 20k arch all. We
should autogenerate a no-$whatever for all of em, i bet you find someone
against any one of them. Maybe except for libs.

bye, Joerg
"[...] und der Arbeitsspeicher recht schnell und hoch ist."
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