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Re: Pinning vs. conflicting [was: How to avoid stealth installation...]

On Jo, 03 iul 14, 00:24:44, Juliusz Chroboczek wrote:
> > You have not yet explained why apt pinning is not enough.
> I'd appreciate an explanation too.  I've inserted in my apt/preferences
> file the incantation given by Vitali F. (to whom thanks) at the very
> beginning of this thread, and it appears to have the requested effect.
> I've looked through the whole thread, and I can see the following reasons:
>  - conflicting packages are honoured by dpkg, unlike pinning;

Which doesn't bring any real additional benefits, unless you want to 
prevent yourself from ever doing 'dpkg -i systemd*.deb'.

>  - a package can conflict with multiple packages, while you need
>    multiple pinning entries;

Pinning supports blobs and regexes, so it should be quite easy to pin a 
number of related packages with just one or few patterns. In case of 
systemd this is not even necessary, because the other related packages 
have Depends: systemd, and apt will refuse to install those as well.

Kind regards,
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