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Re: Q: non-x86 build machine for Ruby upstream developers

On 8. Juni 2014 04:16:08 MESZ, Pascal Giard <evilynux@gmail.com> wrote:
>Le 2014-06-07 à 11:23, Adam Borowski <kilobyte@angband.pl> a écrit :
>> I'd heartily recommend getting a hardkernel's Odroid-U3:
>> http://hardkernel.com/main/products/prdt_info.php
>> For $59 you get a 4-core 1.7-2.0Ghz 2GB mem machine that runs Debian
>> natively (ships with Android or Ubuntu but getting Debian is a matter
>> downloading and dd-ing an image).
>Got one of those for research, _very_ nice. However, beware, they only
>ship through FedEx and, at least for Canada, FedEx were damn expensive.
>In the end, what was suppose to be 59$ ended up costing "me" 130$.
>That's a pity as it's really a nice board/computer.
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At least in Europe you can get it at pollin.de. AFAIK The have reasonable shipping costs, (unfortunately their site is only in German) I did only order from within Germany so I can't say the exact rate.

[1] http://www.pollin.de/shop/dt/NTM3OTgxOTk-/Bausaetze_Module/Entwicklerboards/ODROID_U3_Einplatinen_Computer_Cortex_A9_QuadCore_2_GB.html
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