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Q: non-x86 build machine for Ruby upstream developers


 Ruby upstream developer SHIBATA Hiroshi (CCed) is seeking non-x86 host
 for their Continuous Integration system, see http://rubyci.org/
 And I'd imagine we Debian can help for it.

 It would be beneficial thing for both upstream and Debian, IMO. Because
 it can find architecture specific issue in early development stage, then
 we don't need to make much effort in Debian packaging stage since upstream
 would already deal with it :)

 So folks, could you give me an advice to achieve it?

 * arch: non-x86 (especially arm - (armel?hf?64?))
 * 1GB mem (2GB or more is better)
 * chroot Debian to run chkbuild tool (https://github.com/akr/chkbuild)
   - shell access
   - build tools already installed (probably "build-dep ruby2.1" is enough)
   - enable to access to build result via http or push it with rsync

 And Hiroshi, please give a comment.

 Thanks for your reading.


 Hideki Yamane     henrich @ debian.or.jp/org

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