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Re: Proposal: let’s have a GR about the init system

On 25/10/13 16:28, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Fully supporting an init system means, among other things, writing or
> generating native configuration files for that init system so that we can
> take full (or at least fuller) advantage of its capabilities.  We're
> currently not doing that for anything other than sysvinit.

For what it's worth, quite a few packages already ship native systemd
and/or Upstart jobs alongside their sysvinit scripts, which are used in
preference to the sysvinit scripts:

# systemd units on my laptop that are generated internally by systemd
# when it reads a sysvinit script (or "LSB init script" as it
# calls them)
% systemctl list-units | grep LSB | wc -l
# systemd units on my laptop that are really systemd units,
# only counting ".service" files (its closest equivalent of init
# scripts) and not counting systemd's equivalents of the initscripts
# package, or daemons from src:systemd
% systemctl list-units | grep -v 'LSB\|systemd-' | grep '\.service' | wc -l
# Upstart jobs on my laptop
% ls /etc/init/ | wc -l

I keep meaning to write native systemd units for my pkg-games packages,
but they're still in the "LSB" category at the moment.


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