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Re: Proposal: switch default desktop to xfce

Ole Laursen <olau <at> hardworking.dk> writes:

> For instance: I have in the past had downtime on servers I maintain
> Debian out of the box doesn't babysit processes. Apache or MySQL hit by a
> random once-in-a-year irreproducible crash? Boom.

Hm, fun. I don’t usually run into those, but then I regularily reboot
machines, especially after upgrades.

This can very finely be solved without changing init though, for example
with DJB dæmontools. Just saying.

And note that, as opposed to the systemd people and Md, I’m not opposed
to having systemd *available*. It can even be default if it’s possible
to keep running the others, and I’d not mind GNOME depending on it either.
I just want the user, any user (including myself), to be able to choose.

Jonathan Dowland wrote:
> Notably absent is GNOME, here. Proceeding with an install, tasksel has
> "Debian Desktop Environment". This installs a different desktop
> environment depending on the boot options selected: GNOME by default,
> KDE/LXDE/XFCE instead if you selected those options in the boot menu.

Yes, that’s ridiculous.

For that matter, if I were a skilled user coming from, say, another
distro or unixoid operating system, and wanted to actually install
GNOME, I’d never select “Debian Desktop Environment” either, but
try to figure out what’s the name of the correct metapackage to use
after the installation either (for that matter, I think tasksel in
its entirety has to simply go), since I’d want to install GNOME, not
some, to be honest, unknown entity.

Oh, and what’s with this automatically installing dictionaries just
because I select en_GB.UTF-8 as default locale, too? And some other
packages that aren’t installed when skipping the tasksel d-i step
entirely… I’d have to test-install a system to find out the exact
set, but while at d-i issues I thought I mention it, at the danger
of it getting even more OT…


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