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Re: UTF-8 in jessie

Adam Borowski writes ("Re: UTF-8 in jessie"):
> Let's take a look at some sheets.

Last time I looked at this I found a copy of the actual ASCII
standards document from 1968 or so and it did mention this usage.

> > I don't think that better UTF-8 support should involve needlessly
> > converting 7-bit ASCII text files which use ` ' as matched quotes,
> > into UTF-8 text files which use non-ISO-646 codepoints.
> These code points are defined to be exactly the same in both ASCII and
> Unicode.  Only fonts may differ.  And like Han unification issues, this
> is out of scope here.

Do you intend that text files containing uses of ` ' as matched single
quotes should be changed to use non-7-bit BMP matched single quotes ?
It seems that you don't.

In which case I'm afraid you will have to make this explicit somehow
in your proposal.  Otherwise zealous people will go around complaining
about funny-looking quotes and changing a whole bunch of text files to
no longer be 7-bit.

See GCC's error messages, for a case in point.


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