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Re: systemd^wfoo on linux, bar on bsd,so what (Re: /bin/sh

On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 01:16:29AM +0100, Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:
> I have signed Canonical's and Python Software Foundation's contributor
> agreements.
> But I have no intention to assign copyright to FSF at the moment,
> given it's past well documented bad practices at doing things for the
> sake of it, instead of benefit of the wider free software community.

The FSF's end goal is Free Software[1], whereas Canonical's is cold,
hard, cash. Nothing wrong with that, but you have to admit that they
don't really care about ideology or ethics, but providing a distro
people will use (and buy services / devices / support for).

I don't see how you can see the FSF as worse than Canonical in terms of
respecting your code and end user freedom.

Relatedly, the PSF is great.

I responded with my Ubuntu address to drive this point home clearly - I
support what Canonical and Ubuntu are doing; so much, in fact, I've
spent over 5 years of my life helping make that happen.

That being said, I don't grok your argument.


[1]: OK. Not Free Software as such, but Free Software as a means to an
     end -- namely, free users.

All programmers are playwrights, and all computers are lousy actors.

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