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Re: epoch fix?

On Wed, May 08, 2013 at 05:30:11AM -0500, Peter Samuelson wrote:
> One real problem is that epochs make it easier to introduce human
> error in specifying reverse runtime and build deps.  E.g.:
>     # in stable
>     Package: libfoo-dev
>     Version: 1:1.4.1-1
>     # in unstable
>     Package: libfoo-dev
>     Version: 1:1.5.5-2
>     # in unstable
>     Package: bar
>     Build-Depends: libfoo-dev (>= 1.5)
> The 'bar' maintainer intended to require the unstable version of
> libfoo-dev, but in fact the dependency is satisfied from stable as
> well.

No real damage done. If it is built against 1:1.4 it will either not
work or be rejected. Also one must not build stuff for unstable against
stable anyway.

Please show a real-world example where this breaks, not only may produce
slightly undesired results.


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		-- Kirk, "This side of Paradise", stardate 3417.3

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