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Re: Doubts about PPA in Debian

On 13204 March 1977, Adrian Alves wrote:
> Why I vote NO for ppa in Debian,

Unless someone runs a GR, its not a vote.

Im happy for changes/improvements, but it will come, so a "no" isn't the way.

> Something that everybody loves about debian is you have everything in one
> repo for stable testing or development, the use of PPA it couse things like
> happens in ubuntu when u need something important you need to install it
> from a PPA because is not in the repo thats not the case in debian, always
> happens this kind of scenarios:

While there are certainly use cases that will stay in a PPA forever
(Thomas described one), the main goal for PPAMAIN is not that.

> In other words when u need something importante in debian u can look at it
> just one apt but in ubuntu u need to look or search for a PPA crossing the
> fingers to find it

Or you can look and not find it at all, as it might not fit some of the
requirements we have around uploads to unstable, which ultimately are
expected to migrate to stable.

> - and when that app gonna be pushed into the mains repos?, in ubuntu some
> pkgs lives forever in PPA and never reach the main repo.

For PPAEXT, this will almost always be the case.
For PPAMAIN, *I* expect a minority to end up like this.

> - something that everybody loves from debian is u have everything in one
> like at source.list

No you dont.
You have one for the main part. One for proposed-updates (or not, your
choice), one for -updates, one for security updates and maybe also one
for backports.

bye, Joerg
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