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Doubts about PPA in Debian

Why I vote NO for ppa in Debian,

Something that everybody loves about debian is you have everything in one repo for stable testing or development, the use of PPA it couse things like happens in ubuntu when u need something important you need to install it from a PPA because is not in the repo thats not the case in debian, always happens this kind of scenarios:

- in ubuntu I need this important app OH no is not in the main repo look for a PPA and then add it but probably some day you will see it on the main repos, how a user it will look or find this app in a PPA you need another PPA for a tool that search in the PPA, but th
In other words when u need something importante in debian u can look at it just one apt but in ubuntu u need to look or search for a PPA crossing the fingers to find it
- and when that app gonna be pushed into the mains repos?, in ubuntu some pkgs lives forever in PPA and never reach the main repo.
- all the efforts of the developer to push apps into the mains debian repo like main contrib and non-free it will be affected because now all the new things gonna need to be pushed from PPA into mains repos?
- something that everybody loves from debian is u have everything in one like at source.list 
-and debian is not ubuntu in other way ubuntu is debian

am not saying PPA is bad just worried about not to lose the magic of debian who has everything in one place.

Regards, Adrian.-

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