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Re: Bug#701536: RM: subsurface -- RoQA; unmaintained package, maintainer MIA

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <glaubitz@physik.fu-berlin.de> writes:
> On 03/03/2013 08:33 PM, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
>> Would you consider adding one of the active contributors to Subsurface
>> as a co-maintainer? This is currently a really fast moving project
>> (3.0.2 will come out tonight or tomorrow, 3.1 is planned for next month)
>> and it might be easier to have someone who is part of the developer team
>> helping out with the packaging (this is what we are doing on several of
>> the other distributions).
> If someone from the Subsurface project is actually willing to step up 
> and help, it would be a great idea. I highly encourage 
> co-maintainership, especially since help will be coming from upstream.
> I'd also be happy to review and sponsor any uploads.

We have several people who offered to step up, a couple of them are
copied on this email...

>> PS: would it be useful for me to include the Debian packaging files in
>> the git tree? we have an ancient version under packaging/debian but I'll
>> be happy to update those if you are interested.
> Well, no, I actually would not advise doing that. Debian usually prefers 
> doing the packaging on its own, especially since when there are 
> sometimes (license) issues which make the software not comply with the 
> DFSG (which I am not assuming in this case).

We are 100% GPLv2 so I don't think this would pose a problem, but I'm
fine with that and will instead remove the outdated files from the
sources to avoid confusion.

> A great place for maintaining the packaging for Debian is github, for 
> example.

Well - I run my own git server at git.hohndel.org but we can use
whatever works for the packaging.

> In any case, I'd be happy to help with sponsoring.



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