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Re: Bug#701536: RM: subsurface -- RoQA; unmaintained package, maintainer MIA

> The maintainer seems MIA since June 2012, not responding to bug
> reports nor direct mails.
> The two most recent upstream releases not packaged.

Why would this be a reason to *remove* a package? Especially after
such a short time. The package hasn't even been orphaened.

I have seen packages in Debian which haven't received updates from the
maintainer after much longer periods. This doesn't necessarrialy mean
the maintainer is MIA. Debian is run by volunteers and sometimes,
people are busy with more important things in life. This doesn't mean
that anyone has the right to immediately remove their packages from

I suppose Khalid will be happy to continue to work on the package
again once he finds the time. I don't see any need (and I think it's
impolite) to pressure him in such a way.



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