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Re: x32 port bootstrap is uploaded

On Tue, 2012-11-20 at 15:10:04 +0800, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Daniel wrote:
> > wget
> > debootstrap --arch=x32 --components=main,byhand,partial \
> >  --keyring=`pwd`/archive.pub \
> >  sid /root/x32-chroot/
> Can I also just add the above Debian repo, do --add-architecture,
> and start replacing some packages? How can I for example, replace
> perl, on a running server?

In addition to what other have said, I'd strongly recommend against
using apt when attempting cross-grades, as the way apt currently
supports it is by removing the old instance and installing the new
one, which might render your system unusable. Also to perform some
cross-gradings you might need for some shared libraries to be marked
M-A:same which they might not yet be.

You can use bare dpkg, which does support cross-grading natively, but
then you might end up running into dependency-hell...

See my example cross-grading session in
Altough splitting the --unpack and --configure stages should make the
cross-grade easier.


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