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Re: x32 port bootstrap is uploaded

+++ Helmut Grohne [2012-11-20 09:38 +0100]:
> On Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 03:10:04PM +0800, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> > Can I also just add the above Debian repo, do --add-architecture,
> > and start replacing some packages? How can I for example, replace
> > perl, on a running server?
> I would guess that using --add-architecture is a recipe for disaster at
> this point. Since x32 is not supported in eglibc 2.13, Daniel Schepler
> did the natural thing to do and used 2.16. So just installing libc6:x32
> will pull in the corresponding libc6 for amd64 and upgrade your
> libc6:amd64 due to the nature of m-a:same. Other packages will likely
> have a similar effect. Proper x32 support can only reasonably be
> achieved in the archive when eglibc is updated to >= 2.16. See #667023
> and #672934 for further details. So by the end of the year we should be
> there if Aurelien Jarno keeps his promise.

The same is true of arm64. I've been running eglibc-2.16 on amd64
(quantal, not unstable, admittedly) and not noticed any issues there,
apart from quite a few build-failures, (due to gets removal and
embedded gnulib copies for which I've filed patches) but I'm only
using it on headless machines so far.

It looks like aurel just uploaded eglibc-2.16 to experimental today so
it'll get rather easier to test. (cheers Aurelien)

I'll test cross-toolchains builds with those packages forthwith.

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