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x32 port bootstrap is uploaded

I've finally finished the initial upload of my current x32 bootstrap
archive, which is now available at .
Assuming you're running an amd64 kernel with x32 support (3.4.0 or
later with CONFIG_X86_X32=y, can download my build of 3.6.4 from ), you should be able to
debootstrap using something like

debootstrap --arch=x32 --components=main,byhand,partial \
  --keyring=`pwd`/archive.pub \
  sid /root/x32-chroot/

Later I'll try to document this a bit more on the wiki, create a stub
root index.html redirecting to the wiki, and possibly create an
x32.debian.net alias.

Many thanks to Thomas Goirand and gplhost.com for hosting this archive.
Daniel Schepler

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